Our 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Skin Treatments At The Cosmetic Lounge

With years of experience in the Australian cosmetic skincare industry, our team at The Cosmetic Lounge has personally witnessed the rise of cosmetic skin therapies in Australia. Over the years, we have seen an increase in the popularity of certain treatments due to their effectiveness and lasting quality. Listed below are the 5 best cosmetic skin treatments available right now.  
  1. Anti-wrinkle treatments
  Wrinkles are something that we all experience in life at one stage or another. Wrinkles visually contribute to aging the face and over the years they become an unsightly enemy of youthful-looking skin. Over time, the skin begins to lose elasticity and becomes thinner and drier, which contributes to the formation of wrinkles, creases and lines on the skin. Another contributing factor for wrinkles is repetitive muscular movements, which eventually become etched in our faces. It is these muscle movements that cause issues such as crow’s feet and frown lines on the face.   One of the best anti-wrinkle treatments that we have found at The Cosmetic Lounge is injectables. Anti-wrinkle cosmetic injectables are a non-invasive way to combat wrinkles in the face. As a quick and effective skin treatment, these injectables provide natural-looking results which are easy to maintain over the long term. In our opinion, injectables are one of the best treatments for aging skin available in the market right now.     
  1. Lip fillers
  Your lips are an important contributor to your overall facial appearance. Many don’t realise that if your lips are too thin, unbalanced, or non-symmetrical, it can throw your entire appearance off completely. Some people are born with naturally thin lips, while others may be frustrated by being unable to achieve a full lip look and seek to give them a boost.   At The Cosmetic Lounge, we find that lip fillers are one of the best anti-wrinkle treatments for the face. Lip fillers are extremely effective in changing the look of your face entirely. Performed by registered doctors and nurses, these treatments are one of the most affordable cosmetic facial procedures to restore volume and plumpness to your lips.   When performed for a natural-looking effect, lip fillers are subtle treatments for aging skin, which can enhance all your facial features. Cosmetic lip injections not only help to increase the size and symmetry of your lips, but they also work to combat fine lines around the mouth as an added benefit.      
  1. Dermal jaw and chin fillers
  As we age, the muscles in our face begin to degrade and lose their shape. Depending on the individual, this can mean losing important definition in different areas of the face, which requires expertly delivered dermal treatments to correct. This is why we consider dermal fillers to be important treatments for aging skin.   The difference that prominent facial features such as the chin can make to your overall appearance can be astounding. Many believe that dermal fillers for the jaw are one of the best cosmetic skin treatments as they have the ability to redefine your features for an ultimately youthful appearance. Unlike our anti-wrinkle treatments, which require the muscles to be relaxed in order to smooth out unwanted lines in the face, dermal treatments work to strengthen the muscles in the jaw to create a fuller, more shapely appearance.  
  1. Cheek fillers
  Prominent cheekbones are something that many have longed for over the years and until recently, this was nothing more than a dream for so many Australians. But with the incredible advancement in cosmetic injectables, developing beautiful, contoured cheekbones has now become a reality.   Though cheek fillers don’t change your bone structure, dermal injections are delivered into the muscular system in your cheeks to give the appearance of more prominent cheekbones. As with other dermal fillers, the injections work to stimulate the muscles of the face to appear firmer making them one of the best anti-wrinkle treatments available.   When performed by professional, qualified doctors and nurses, dermal cheek fillers work to lift the skin in a natural-looking way. Filling the cheeks also has the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in other parts of the face as the skin becomes tighter.  
  1. Non-surgical rhinoplasty
  For those who are not yet ready to commit to surgery to change their features, non-surgical rhinoplasty is a safe — albeit temporary — alternative treatment option. Non-surgical rhinoplasty treatments involve injecting fillers into areas around the nose to smooth out lumps and bumps for a more contoured look overall.   This is one of the best cosmetic skin treatments for those who are considering surgery but are not 100% sure of whether they would be happy with the results. Utilising the services of a qualified technician to administer the treatments can help people to decide what kind of look they would be happy with if they chose to engage the surgical route.      Choose The Cosmetic Lounge for the best cosmetic skin treatments available in Australia. Whether you are looking for the right place to receive your first cosmetic skin treatment or you just prefer to work with professionals who boast years of experience in the industry, our service in Sydney is second to none.