Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

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Anti wrinkle injections on average can last for up to 6 months however, factors such as which area is being treated, how your skin reacts to treatment and amount of time you spend in the sun are determining factors in how long the product can last.

You will start to see the onset of anti wrinkle treatments from 2 – 7 days. Final results are at 2 weeks post your initial appointment. 

Most patients find the treatment quick, easy and not too uncomfortable, often injections are not felt at all.  Some areas will have a small sting sensation which subsides within seconds. Its worth it! 

We offer a complimentary review at 2 weeks with your cosmetic injector to allow for any questions or adjustments if required. 

This is dependent on each individual as there is not one fit for all. Our experienced injectors will take the time to provide an in-depth facial analysis; working with you to create a tailored dose to compliment your ideal goal.

Anti wrinkle injections are a powerful preventative, many patients like to use anti wrinkle injections for aesthetic purposes even if it is a low dose before lines become permanent. Whilst other patients use anti wrinkle treatments for anti ageing purposes. There is not one rule for all as this is really dependent on each patients concerns and desired goal. 

The area will return as it originally was prior to starting anti wrinkle injections. It will not stretch or cause any dropping of the facial skin. If you decide to maintain and upkeep your anti wrinkle treatments you will find that your wrinkles will become minimal or never form at all.

Each individual’s experience is unique, so we advise to allow for up to 2 weeks for any bruising or swelling to subside. Most commonly bruising and swelling is minimal and can be easily covered. In most cases usually subsides within 24-48 hours post treatment. Preferably we suggest allowing 4-6 weeks before any occasion which will in turn allow for any tweaks that may need to be addressed. To make the experience more comfortable we offer clients will be offered ice after their appointment to calm the area and there are over the counter topical creams that are recommended help resolve bruising.

Avoid the following for 24-48 hours:

  • Pressure or massaging of the treated area
  • Blood thinners, such as alcohol or anti inflammatories
  • Exercise or excessive sweating
  • No saunas or solarium
  • Facedown massages
  • Facials

Dermal fillers are a soft tissue hyaluronic acid gel injected at different depths of the skin to add volume, restore structure and harmonise facial features. It can also be used to balance asymmetries, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.

Dermal filler is not permanent as injected HA gel is naturally broken down over time by your body. It can also be dissolved with a dissolving agent we have on hand in clinic. Depending on the product, dermal fillers may last from 6-24 months. Keep in mind that individuals who exercise frequently or have a fast metabolism may break down HA gel faster and require multiple treatments. Layering may be required depending on the patient and desired goal.

Pain is subjective which varies depending on each patient, however it is common and will subside by the time your treatment is complete. We cannot guarantee that your treatment will be completely pain free however at the cosmetic lounge we take the appropriate measures to make this experience as comfortable as possible. Most dermal fillers contain numbing agent within and there is also the option of your injector applying topical numbing cream.

Prior to treatment, it is recommended to avoid and alcohol or anti inflammatories 24 -48 hrs prior as it may increase your risk of bruising and swelling. It is also recommend to avoid any major dental work or invasive skin treatments in the treated area.
Your treatment may be declined if you are under the age of 18, If you are planning, currently pregnant or breastfeeding, are sick or unwell, travelling internationally within 2 weeks of treatment or if you have an active cold sore in the treatment area.
If you are prone to cold sores we recommend taking an anti viral medication before or the day of treatment to avoid any outbreaks. Unfortunately if you have an outbreak in the treatment area we won’t be able to treat you. 

To prepare for PRP treatment it is required you consume up to 1-2 litres of water 24 hrs before and the day of treatment, keep yourself generally hydrated and healthy. Keep in mind healthy hydrated blood will allow for the maximum benefit with your results. 

Yes, it does! At The Cosmetic Lounge, we have seen the effectiveness of RF fractional skin resurfacing treatments first-hand. Whether you are struggling with acne, scarring, enlarged pores, general unevenness, wrinkles or fine lines, you will be able to see the difference between the state of your skin before and after RF skin resurfacing.

The RF treatment itself will last between 60 and 90 minutes. However, you usually see the real benefits of your treatments after your third or fourth session. Once you get the result you wanted, general maintenance appointments should be booked every 6 to 12 months.