The Importance Of Getting A Qualified Nurse To Perform Your Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic injectables have become one of the fastest-growing and most popular beauty treatments in the country. As injectables increase in popularity, more and more treatments are being performed by a range of authorised practitioners including doctors, dentists and qualified nurses. However, Australia has always been known for its strict medical standards and it is these standards that dictate who can and cannot perform cosmetic injectables in Australia. So, who should you get to perform your cosmetic injectables?    

The history of cosmetic injectables in Australia

  The world of cosmetic injectables started off in Australia on rather shaky ground, with unqualified practitioners administering injectables in breach of Australian law. Since 2016, many of these loopholes have been closed and the industry has become more strictly monitored.   Where you would once see injectables being advertised by hairdressers, beauty salons, and laser clinics, closer monitoring has drastically reduced the number of unqualified practitioners around the country. These days, the stricter medical standards mean that your best chance of finding the safest cosmetic injectables is with an experienced clinic like The Cosmetic Lounge.  

Why cosmetic injections need to be done right

  Cosmetic injectables are used to treat a range of conditions from wrinkles and fine lines to crow’s feet and hyperhidrosis. All injectables contain chemicals that are used to both relax the facial muscles and to plump out lines which are commonly caused by age.   When you are considering who is the right person to be performing your cosmetic injectables it is important to understand that these chemicals are being injected into areas of your face which contain important nerve endings. This makes expertise a crucial part of choosing the right practitioner, in order to ensure that no permanent damage is being done to your face through a lack of knowledge or experience.     When performed professionally, cosmetic injectables provide you with natural-looking beauty enhancements, which encourage lasting confidence in your looks. When a realistic approach is taken and a regular schedule is maintained, these cosmetic treatments give you that extra boost to look and feel fantastic, day after day.  

The qualifications needed to perform cosmetic injectables

  Every person who performs cosmetic injectables in Australia must be certified to do so. To even register for the training to perform injectables, a person must present their medical qualifications, which means that only trained medical doctors, dentists, and nurses are able to do so. To become a cosmetic nurse in Australia you can opt to complete an Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science or as a registered nurse, you can complete a Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing.  

Why choose a qualified nurse to perform your cosmetic injectables?

  The real question is why wouldn’t you want a qualified professional to be handling your cosmetic injectables? Considering that these beauty treatments involve facial injections, you should want nothing but the best practitioners to be administering your cosmetic treatments.   Though the doctors and dentists who carry out cosmetic injectables in Australia are trained accordingly, a cosmetic nurse is someone who has dedicated their career and all their training to the practice of working with facial muscles and tissue. The best people to perform your cosmetic injectables are the ones with the most experience in working with these kinds of beauty treatments — which is why choosing a qualified nurse, especially one who has spent years working in the cosmetic sector, is the wisest choice for both safety and results.

The case for choosing a cosmetic clinic for injectables

  When you are choosing a clinic to carry out your cosmetic injectables, there are four main factors that you should be considering:  
  • Safety
  • Hygiene
  • Experience
  • Results
  Dermal or cosmetic injections are medical cosmetic treatments, so much like you would expect good hygiene practices and experience from any medical doctor, you should also be seeking these qualities from your chosen cosmetic clinic.   Clinics that offer injectables as one of their main focuses are more likely to engage in regular training and professional development for their staff, so you can be sure that your cosmetic injectables are being performed by qualified experts. Dedicated cosmetic clinics are closely monitored and must adhere to Australian medical standards. When you choose a clinic that possesses years of experience coupled with proven successful results in cosmetic treatments, you are opting for both safety and assurance.   When looking for the right fit for you in a cosmetic clinic or a medical spa, it is important that you find a place where you feel comfortable and confident. When you find the clinic that is right for you, there really is no looking back.  

Choose The Cosmetic Lounge for lasting beauty treatments

  If you are looking for cosmetic injectables in Australia which are administered by a team of qualified nurses for the best possible results, book your appointment with The Cosmetic Lounge today. As one of the most experienced cosmetic clinics in Sydney and with 3 handy locations to choose from, you know you will be in the best hands for your cosmetic injectables.