Calf Slimming

Calf slimming injections are the most effective non-invasive option for slimming bulky calves! Our Calf Slimming injections use Anti-wrinkle to target those bulky muscles, helping your calf appear softer and more feminine.

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About the Treatment

Depending on how big the calve muscles are and how slim the patient would like them to be, our Registered Nurses inject anti-wrinkle which has muscle relaxant properties, causing the calve muscles to slim! Our clients love the results and is increasing popular with women who participate in activities such as weight lifting, tennis and cycling.


Calf Slimming

Majority of results occur with one treatment! Depending on how bulky the clave muscle is and if you want your calves even slimmer you may go for a second treatment at the 8 week mark.

What's Included

Initial consult

30 minute treatment

No downtime

8 week post treatment review



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