Facial Slimming Treatment

Achieving a slimmer face has never been easier! To achieve a desired V shape we inject Anti-Wrinkle into the massseter muscle to relax the bulky muscle, creating a slimmer lower face.

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About the Treatment

Facial slimming is a popular procedure among clients concerned about the fullness of their jawline. Facial slimming will create a slimmer more heart shaped face with a softer jawline!

Facial slimming is also ideal for clients who grind there teeth (bruxism)  and may need to relax there over active masseter muscle. Which means this treatment assists with stopping teeth grinding and headaches. Targeted injections of Anti- Wrinkle into the masseter muscle causes a relaxing of the muscle, allowing the effect slimmer lower face. Most of our clients pair this treatment with chin filler to enhance that V shape in the lower facial area!


Facial Slimming Treatment

Pricing varies depending on the amount of units you need. On the date of your appointment your injector will advise you on how much product you may need! Feel free to book 1 unit to begin!

The amount of units depends on:

1. Goals of treatment- the slimmer the goal, the higher the dosage.
2. Size of the masseter muscle- stronger muscles need higher dosages.
3. Your age and skin laxity!

What's Included

Initial consultation

25 minute treatment

No down time

Full results in two weeks



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